The recently ditched UPND member Mr Charles Kakoma has said that it will be costly for Mr Hichilema after August elections with the mapetizya formula he is currently encouraging the youths to engage in to ever bounce back politically. Mr Kakoma said Zambians are watching how Mr Hichilema is treating the Bembas and easterners by influencing the youths to attack them. He said Mr Hichilema has completely abandoned the one zambia one nation motto Zambia has enjoyed for so long. Mr Charles Kakoma further stated that it was the very bitterness against other tribes in Mr Hichilema that forced him to join PF because as a parent he would not want to see bloodshed that Mr Hichilema is fueling amongst the young generation. Mr Kakoma also said that a certain bitterness has been brewed within the UPND followers that has put them on high alert to fight anyone they feel is not of thier party or tribe the reason the beatings of Bembas and Easterners that have rocked Southern province the past one week. Mr Kakoma said that what Mr Hichilema has created is not a politically party but a tribal party and if such parties are allowed to continue they will bring nothing but division amongst Zambians.