When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the country, opposition political parties like the UPND were the first to cast doubt on its existence and advanced the narrative that it was a hoax.

The UPND consistently ran with the same narrative and this saw most of their followers drop their guard and got infected as a result. They disputed every decision or intervention government came up with to limit the spread of the coronavirus all for political interests.

Today, Zambia like many other countries in the world is worst hit by the pandemic and the impact is being felt and experienced by even those who doubted and questioned its prevalence.

As one of the measures to contain the virus, the Electoral Commission of Zambia advised politicans to avoid huge public rallies which are super spreaders but the UPND viewed this advice with a political lens as usual. To them, politics is a matter of life and death that is why they do not care about the many innocent lives being endangered as result of their negligence.

It is not that the PF and other political parties do not want to win this election, they are just concerned about to the lives of the people they seek to serve hence their decision to forego these super spreader events which the UPND has continued to have.

No party wants to miss out on this opportunity.
The ban on all political campaigning was imposed because it involves a risk as campaigning was leading to not just the spread of ideas but an rapid spread of the virus as well.

The UPND did not pay heed to this ban. They were of the erroneous opinion that it was a tactic that the PF government was using to restrict opposition parties.

It is now an indisputable fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound strain on electoral democracy in the world and Zambia is no exception. With elections just two months away campaigning has been halted due to the pandemic and the death of our beloved KK.

Electoral campaigning is also an opportunity for the PF to showcase the work they have done over the past years and also what they have in store for the nation in the years ahead whereas, for the opposition parties and the candidates it is an opportunity to sell their ideas and the changes they would bring about.

It was only when burial sites and mortuaries started to overwhelm did the seriousness of the entire situation register with HH and his party.

As if that were not enough, HH disrespected the funeral of our national hero and has not taken cognizance of the nationwide mourning. This is a way for us to pay our last respects to the fallen hero who led us pre and post independent Zambia.

In the process, the UPND has risked the lives of so many innocent people by asking them to attend rallies and roadshows without ensuring adherence to the pandemic protocols.

I ask you, my fellow Zambians, do you still think that HH is fit to be a leader, let alone President of our country?