The Chinese, Japanese and Swedish governments are impressed and have praised Zambia with it’s response to Covid-19 and other health relations, therefore they are pledging to continue supporting various health programs for enhanced health coverage.
The countries have expressed their continued interest to support Zambia to overcome different health challenges especially now that there is a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. This came to be known when health Minister Dr. Jonas Chanda had three separate meetings virtually with the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Li Jie, Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Zyuch Manuuci and Mrs. Anna Maj-Nulkmaj the Swedish Ambassador to Zambia.
Dr. Chanda has expressed gratitude to the three countries for the continued bilateral relationship which has transformed into increased human resource development and technical support among them. Dr. Chanda also said that he will restore confidence in the country’s health sector as mandated to him by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu , therefore he has assured the three ambassadors that accountability and transparency in the utilization of all three resources and all forms of support will be the major key to ensure that there is improved service delivery.
The Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Mrs. Anna has expressed happiness that the government is on the right path to restore confidence in the health sector and to have a clear benchmark on the need for transparency in order to continue getting support from Sweden. The Chinese Ambassador Mr. Li Jie is thanking president Lungu for the continued commitment in ensuring that the bilateral relationship between remain the same for the attainment of various milestones in the health sector, he is therefore assuring the people of Zambia that they shall continue to support in the fight for Covid-19 which he praised Zambia for having done well so far. And lastly the Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Mr Ryuta Mizuuchi said the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down some projects due to human resource withdrawal but is hoping for speedy completion of projects to meet the demand of healthcare provision in Zambia. Mr. Chanda has also shown gratitude to the Japanese government for their pledge to enhance the provision of oxygen which is a critical commodity in the response to the pandemic and also lobbied for an increased referral system through the provision of logistical support to enhance medical response.