In an election year as this one, there is hardly critical information about the political candidates aspiring for different layers of office. Oftentimes than not, the people are presented with candidates whom they know little of or nothing about. All that a particular candidate has to do is gather enough kwachas, bribe a few people and rent a crowd then, announce their aspirations to represent the people.
Consequently, what is supposed to be a contest of who has better ideologies than the other is reduced to a contest of who can organize more money to create the necessary political noise. Further, there is heavy media bias where some candidates enjoy positive coverage while others are smeared with dirt intentionally to disadvantage them politically. The people who stand to benefit from the whole essence of politics are the ones that suffer the most.
On The Candidates, we would like to change narratives.
Our agenda is to give as much information to the public about their candidates at different layers of leadership as possible. We intend to enlighten the people about those who want to serve them. We will profile candidates – without bias – through interviews, research on their past lives as well as opinions gathered from various sources available to us.
As we walk down this path in this election year, we are mindful that our works are not there to please us or soothe our personal feelings. We are driven by patriotism, honesty, objectivity and rationality. Whatever we do here serves the interest of the people.