Economic and Equity Party Leader Chilufya Tayali has promised UPND leader jail for abusing the Privatisation process of State-Owned Companies.

“We shall see who will end in a political mortuary. You want K100 million, I want jail for you for abusing Privatisation,” wrote Tayali.

The EEP leader who has hired a team of lawyers to defend him in his defamation case said Hichilema must prepare his lawyers too to defend him in criminal prosecution.

Mr Tayali wondered why lawyers for Zambia’s opposition leader who promised to end his political career deliberately avoided suing him for claiming that Hakainde Hichilema possess two National Registration Cards, a criminal offense under the Zambian law.

Mr. Hichilema had asked the Court to award over K100 million for defamation and legal fees while Tayali has reported Mr Hichilema to the Anti Corruption Commission and the Zambia Police Service