A TANZANIAN MP nominated for a government post has been dropped and replaced after he hesitated and struggled to take the oath of office.
Francis Ndulane, who was to become assistant minister in the mines ministry, attempted to say the words several times before being asked to take a seat as other nominees were called to take their oath.
A video of the event attended by President John Magufuli has been shared on YouTube, it starts at 5:28
In his remarks President Magufuli said that he had reviewed the CVs of all nominees before appointing them but added that Mr Ndulane would be replaced.
“I will give this position to someone who can take the oath properly,” the president said.
He told Mr Ndulane that he will keep his MP seat but “we will have to get a replacement”.
Mr Ndulane has not commented on why he struggled to take the oath.
Credit: BBC