NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) is not interested in the leftovers Hakainde Hichilema is feeding some Alliance members but sought a true partnership to serve the Zambian people, NDC Spokesperson Saboi Imboela has said.

In an interview this morning, Ms Imboela said suspended NDC members who have gone to eat the remaining crumbs from the table of Hichilema are doing so out of opportunism, hunger and convenience.

“When NDC came on the political platform, we did not come to become underdogs of any party but to offer an alternative to the ruling Patriotic Front but as you can hear from our friends, they are trying to fill up the gap our late brother (James) Lukuku left of being a praise singer for HH. NDC is not a praise singer for any one party. Not UPND and not PF,” she said.

Ms Imboela warned that if the UPND think its easy to dislodge the PF on their own, then they must be overrating themselves.

“Like my President said, the perception among Zambian voters is that UPND is a party for Southerners and that alone has made UPND to fail to raise to power,” she said.

She said with that perception among many ordinary voters, PF cannot easily be dislodged from power as it still strong on the ground while UPND is strong on social media.

Ms Imboela said those few NDC rebels who are fighting to bring down NDC will not manage it at all.

“People must learn from history. Brother (Mwenya) Musenge has the State machinery behind him but we fought that battle and we still here today. Hakainde may have money and lawyers to help those delinquents but you can not stop an idea whose time has come,” said Ms Imboela.


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