President Edgar Lungu is today Wednesday, March 24, 2021 expected to commission the Munali flyover bridge in Lusaka.The bridge is now one hundred percent complete with only final touches being made in readiness for the commissioning by the Head of State.

The congestion on the eastern side of Lusaka on the Great East road from Chelstone and Avondale area, will be a thing of the past with the state of the art bridge. The Munali, Arcades, Longarces and Makeni flyover bridges are part of the $289 million Lusaka decongestion project under the ministry of local government being constructed by afcons of India funded by the Exim bank of that country.

The flyover bridges will greatly help in curbing traffic congestion problem which has been assessed in terms of traffic decongestion, time and fuel saving. About 50% of the total traffic is expected to be diverted to the flyover bridge, resulting in a reduction of about 55% in the total emission generation. The flyover bridge is also expected to reduce the risk of off-road crashes.
With the heavy rains, it’s not just the roads that are water logged all other streets also get full with water hence it will be easy to travel by the flyover bridges to get ease of rain water.

And workers engaged to do works at the Munali flyover bridge have thanked President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Patriotic Front Government for creating employment opportunities for Zambians especially the youths. ” We are proud to be part of this flyover bridge and we commend the governmemt for creating employment opportunities for us”, said Mary Zulu who was in charge of the painting. The workers vowed to continue supporting President Edgar Lungu in his quest to develop the country.