Senior citizen and veteran Politician Venon Mwaanga alias VJ has condemned the reporting of Zambia to the international community over false allegations of possible malpractice during the voter registration

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is believed to have written the international community to come and verify the 2021 voter register citing malpractices among them, the reduced number of registered voters from southern province.

Reacting to this development, VJ said the current crop of Politicians must never find joy in painting their Country black in the eyes of the international community because so doing injures the good reputation that Zambia is known for. He further advised Politicians to trust and have confidence in domestic mechanisms for resolving internal governance issues because Zambia is a sovereign state.

Mr. Mwaanga told the media that suspicions of voter rigging or malpractices in Zambia always pop up every election year but no elections has ever been rigged in Zambia but they are just a confession of fear and lack of confidence to win an election by some politician.

“Am sure you the media are aware of the rigging allegations that were associated with my name during my days as an active Politician. Everyone knew me as a rigging master minder but we lost the elections as MMD to PF, if the rigging allegations were true why is MMD out of power? The opposition should not waste their time on crying foul instead they should go flat out and campaign. No one can rig elections in Zambia. That’s not true,” said VJ.