According to inside sources the recently demoted Secretary general to chairperson of national heritage Mr Stephen Katuka has confirmed to his family members that Mr Hichilema does intend to trim off atleast half of the civil servants once he and the UPND form government.

According to the inside source Mr Hichilema’s targets are mostly the Bembas and easterners who he claims have been nothing but filth in the nation which he believes can do far better without thier presence.

Mr Katuka went further to state that once UPND formed government the trimming would be done in phases as Mr Hichilema will first begin to remove Bembas and easterners in higher positions before remove those in lower positions.

Mr Katuka said that Mr Hichilema believes the Bembas and Easterners have been like a spreading cancer in governance systems the reason once he was appointed,he would ensure the cancer was removed.

Mr Katuka further stated that the cleansing had already began the reason Southern province was almost a no go area for Bembas and Easterners who usually travel in Tonga lands and once Hakainde formed government, the cleansing would be extended to civil servants who are of the said ethic groupings. He had sworn that he would ensure these tribes were finished before he was done with them.