United Party for National Development, (UPND) Southern Province Presidential Campaign team says Garry Nkombo should be the last person to question Mutale Nalumango’s value as UPND vice president.

Nkombo , who is a senior member of the upnd , was recently quoted as saying Nalumango will not add any value in convincing the Northern vote for the opposition has we would have vowed for someone to help out.

However, UPND Presidential Mobilisation Chairperson, John Chidyaka challenges Bwalya that the most important contribution of a politician to a party is their vision and not their money.

He further says the statement that Nalumango can’t woo Northern votes is potentially tribal because any Zambian should be able to drum up support anywhere in the country.

Meanwhile, Monze based political analyst Timothy Chitupila has advised electorates not to be swayed by handouts ahead of the 2021 elections.

Chitupila says any politician that has to buy people’s support clearly has nothing of substance to offer the people of Zambia.