The prosecutor, Nsama Nsama, who was shot in unknown circumstances has been put to rest today at Memorial Park.

Slain Prosecutor Nsama Nsama laid to rest

The family of the late State Prosecutor Nsama Nsama who was shot dead by some sniper(s) during the time the police were trying to control unruly cadres from the UPND has demanded that police leave no stone unturned in the investigation.

Nsama has been buried at Lusaka’s Memorial Park this morning.

The family condemned the killing and called for swift police investigation into the killings which has raised questions as to who the real killers could be.

A former Police officer Sean Tembo, now President of Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), said the killing was the work of a sniper or snipers.

The PeP leader said his party was aware that the UPND is capable of various diabolical acts.

“We are also aware that the UPND has a large appetite for painting Zambia as a country where the rule of law has broken down, especially in the eyes of the international community. We are also aware that acts such as the shooting down of these two innocent citizens in such circumstances has the overall effect of enhancing Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s political fortunes through public sympathy. We are also aware that soliciting public sympathy has been a major stock-in-trade of Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s political journey,” said Tembo.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema

On 14th December, 2020 we published a story in which the UPND has been mobilising and promising youths with money from places such as Chisamba to join demonstrations in Lusaka.

A youth supporter of UPND from Chawama was among those who were recently shot dead in unknown circumstances.

Republican President Edgar Lungu has since demanded for a report from the police on the killings of two citizens. The President condemned the behaviour of the UPND leader to carry people when he is led for investigation.

The President said it was Mr Hichilema and not the public who were invited by the Police for an interview at Force Headquarters and wondered what the intention has been to carry along unruly cadres.

Various CSOs have said the behaviour of using citizens for personal ends must always be condemned and not glorified.