Hakainde Hichilema’s ‘spiritual father’ Andrew Ejimadu also known as Seer 1 has advised the UPND leader against picking a woman especially Mutale Nalumango as his running mate.

Seer 1 is of the view that the running mate to Hichilema needs not to be a woman because that would not add any value to his presidential bid.

Addressing his followers on Facebook Monday night, Seer 1 added that Hichilema should appoint a male running mate if he is to win the presidency.

Hichilema has for a long time been known to be a chauvinist, who has no respect nor regard for the womenfolk.

The UPND leader is reportedly at a crossroads regarding who to pick as his running mate following the formation of the ‘Zambia We Want’ Alliance with the likes of Felix Mutati, Kelvin Bwalya Fube and Enerst Mwansa who are all eyeing the same post.

The UPND leader fears that should he go for Mutati and leave out Nalumango and KBF, or pick Nalumango and leave out KBF and Mutati, it will militate against his chances and those of the UPND.