The Seventh Day Adventist has added it’s voice on the tribal attacks against the Bembas and Easterners in Southern Province alleged to have been instigated by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

SDA Southern Province Conference President Dr Harrington Akombwa it is disbursing to learn that some political leaders are inciting their unsuspecting tribesmen and women to rise against other tribes for selfish motives.

Dr. Akombwa says politicans aspiring to lead the nation must endeavour to unite citizens across tribe and preach love and peace as guided by scripture.

He said the the SDA is particularly saddened by the unfortunate incident especially that it is alleged to be perpetrated by one of their elders who are expected to be exemplary in their daily conduct as christians.

” We must put in on record that we are disbursed by reports coming from Southern Province, it’s disturbing to hear that some politicans are inciting their tribesmen and women to rise against other tribes. What is particularly more disappointing is elders who are supposed to uphold Christian values of love, peace and unity regardless of one’s ethnicity are the ones championing these tribal attacks”, said Dr. Akombwa.

And Dr. Akombwa has urged Zambians never to entertain political leaders who are in the habit of inciting any form of violence.

” Going forward, Zambians must be wary of politicans who are in the habit of inciting violence in whatever form. Show such political leaders a red card immediately,” advised Dr. Akombwa.