Dr. Kaseba Sata, late President Sata’s widow, has expressed happiness with President Edgar Lungu’s choice of running mate ahead of the August 12 elections and also disclosed that Professor Luo was one of late President Sata’s favourite Ministers.

Speaking via a telephone interview with Zanis, Dr. Sata revealed that prof Nkandu Luo was one of the few Ministers late President Sata would confide in or consult when he needed sound advice on certain matters.

‘’First of all, allow me to congratulate my dear sister Prof Nkandu Luo on being chosen as President Edagr Lungu’s running mate and I wish her success. I want to tell my fellow citizens of Zambia through you that my late husband and Republican President of Zambia Micheal Sata would be happy with President Edgar Lungu’s running mate because Prof Luo is a hardworker and a strong character. My husband too was a strong character and I think he saw himself in her. Many people don’t know this hence the reason why I want to share this important information – Professor Luo was one of the few Ministers President Sata would confide in or consult when he needed professor or sound advice,’’ said Dr. Kaseba.

Dr. Kaseba who is Zambia’s Ambassador to France expressed confidence in Prof Luo and believes that she has what it takes to deliver in the office of the Vice President because she is experienced, matured and level headed. She also called on Zambians to rally behind President Edgar Lungu and Prof Nkandu Luo because the duo have the interest of Zambians at heart.