By Kennedy Siyanda Lusaka Province NDC Chairman

As NDC Lusaka Province we wish to comment on the latest statement by ECZ Spokesperson Sylvia Bwalya exonerating her office from any involvement in the issuance of voter’s cards to youths below the age of 18 years.

Bwalya claims that the photos circulating on social media were doctored to tarnish the good image of the ECZ.

As NDC, we strongly disagree with ECZ for trying to hoodwink the general public that it has no knowledge about underage youths accessing voters’ cards in PF strongholds. We wish to advise Bwalya that in this era of Smartphones and social media, there is almost nothing secret.

Bwalya must be reminded that PF cadres have shown extreme desperation to win the 2021 Elections and in doing so they have compelled the ECZ to issue voters’ cards to underage youths.

We also wish to advise Bwalya, that the ECZ has no credibility at all. The ECZ lost credibility in 2016 when Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu helped President Edgar Lungu to win those elections.

Chulu announced fake results from Chitulika Constituency which is non-existent. The reality is that Chitulika is a Polling Station in Muchinga Province.

In addition, Chulu announced results in Lundazi Constituency which were more than the number of registered voters.

As NDC Lusaka province, we warned Patrick Kryticous Nshindano that he risked tarnishing his reputation by accepting the position of Chief Electoral Officer. While we understand the financial rewards involved, we have been vindicated because Nshindano’s reputation has been grossly tarnished. Nshindano is now taking the blame for messing up the entire Voter Registration Exercise resulting in national complaints.

Nshindano and not Chulu is the one who is being blamed for the mess. Therefore, we are urging Nshindano to save his little credibility by resigning from this mess which poses a serious risk to national security.

In case Nshindano is not aware, Zambians including the underage youths induced by PF are registering as voters not to oppose the opposition but to vote out the PF for creating an economic crisis.

Zambians are spending over five (5) hours lining up to get the voters cards as a tool to fix the Lungu administration.

Nshindano, we have warned you, resign now.