The Zambia Airforce says the Presidential Jet cannot be sold because it is a classified military equipment.

The Gulf Stream G-650 is used by the President who is Commander In – Chief of the Armed Defence Forces.

But in a Facebook posting, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who himself amassed wealth through selling State assets in Livingstone to himself, maintained that if Zambians voted for him, he would sell the presidential jet.

“Mark my words. We’ll sell that jet, we’ll solve our debt crisis and we’ll embark on the greatest economic turnaround that this country has ever seen!”

But Mutale Kasoma, the ZAMBIA Airforce Director of Public Relations says the mandate of the Airforce is to transport the President during official assignments.

This has been the case since ZAMBIA attained independence in 1964.

Colonel KASOMA says the Airforce performs the duty in line with other services established pursuant to article 192 of the Constitution as read with section four of the Defence Act Chapter 106 of the laws of ZAMBIA.

He sated this in a statement obtained by Zibani Zambia in LUSAKA..

This was in reaction to a politician who has been promising to sale the jet if elected into State House.

Colonel Kasoma says the disposal of Military Equipment can only be done by a Certified Zambia Airforce Board of Survey.

Mr. Hichilema is under pressure from his foriegn funders who have asked him to auction some State assets if he comes to power.

Mr. Hichilema had disclosed that during his foriegn visit to America, he had found some willing buyers for the presidential jet which he promised them to auction once give power.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been accused of profiting from orivatising National Assets at the expense of the poor