You do not just wake up and become a butterfly – Growth is a process, so is development.

By Antonio Mwanza

President Lungu in Cabinet Meeting

In order to successfully transform Zambia into a highly technological country, His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Patriotic Front Government established an initiative called SMART ZAMBIA under Government Gazette No.836 of 2016 as an e-Governnment division in the office of the President.

This initiative was aimed at transforming the country through Information and Communication Technologies and deployment of electronic Government services and processes for effective public delivery.

And to make sure that the SMART ZAMBIA initiative worked, the PF Government under the able leadership of President Lungu has invested massively in the development of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) in the country.


– ICTs enable countries to be more productive, thereby spurring economic growth and helping industries to be more competitive.



– Smart Zambia has introduced electronic payslips for civil servants. Just in it’s first phase of e-payslip capturing exrercise, about 380,000 civil servants were captured in the e-payslip platform and are now able to receive their payslips through emails. Thus government has been able to save K85 million on payslip printing and K70 million on the cost of paper annually.


– With the SMART ZAMBIA initiative, Government has managed to curb fraud and is able to not just detect but also to get rid of ghost civil servants using the e-payslip system.


The ICT development has greatly helped in complementing Government in achieving its Go Green environment initiatives. This is because the phasing out of paper documents like payslips entails reduction in cutting down of trees and low energy use.


– WIth the above said information, I can proudly say BA LUNGU MWABOMBENI.