President Lungu has terminated the appointment of Dr Chitalu Chilufya as Minister of Health. The truth behind the alleged corruption will come out and the nation will come to know all those involved in the crime. A major decision in the recent past as far as corruption is concerned.

Ever since President Edgar Lungu issued orders to remove Dr Chilufya from the post, the opposition has become highly vocal about corruption by politicians. Hakainde Hichilema, who appears to be dissatisfied by the decision, is at the forefront of this criticism. He is not mincing words while criticizing President Lungu.

But he seems to have forgotten that he too, is facing similar charges and the amount involved is several billion dollars. Hichilema too will someday meet the same fate. It is an irony that the one who has been involved in massive corruption during privatization and swindled national assets, is today lecturing on how to tackle the corrupt!

President Lungu needs to be commended for the step he took. Not every leader has such strong political will to cleanse the country of corruption. The writing on the wall is clear. No one who messes with our lives will be spared. So Hakainde Hichilema or Hakainde Chintombwa whatever his real name is, better gear up to face the consequences of his deeds and misdeeds instead of creating false fracas over the decisive actions taken by the government to weed out corrupt officials.

Human Rights and Good Governance Activist

Sikaile Sikaile