By Chanda Nonde

President Lungu inspecting the field in Vubwi

Zambians are very comfortable with the candidature of President Lungu who will be on the ballot in 2021.

The issue of President Lungu’s eligibility in 2021 is now mere political debate which the PF and the people of Zambia have no time to waste on.The revived debate on eligibility are a matter that the PF has no time to waste on because the Constitutional Court already ruled on all legal arguments and put the matter to rest.

All legal arguments surrounding eligibility were taken before the Constitutional Court for interpretation and the ConCourt put this matter to rest two years ago.There is nothing new those reviving the debate are bringing to the fore.

Issues of holding office twice or twice elected and the like,all those arguments were advanced in the ConCourt and those disgruntled individuals who want to bring up such issues they should know that,that’s an exercise in futility.

The courts are not going to change their position. Judgement was passed.

HH and John Sangwa are only desperate after realising that by making Bill 10 fall,they had only shot themselves in the foot when they realised they had disadvantaged their own people among the women,the Chiefs, youths ,people living with disabilities as well as the church whose wishes among others were to see succession wrangles brought to end as well Constituencies delimitated through the amendment of Article 68(2)A.

We challenge Mr Sangwa who says he has already prepared a petition to meet the PF in court.Let him go back to the courts.The PF can meet him in Court,they are ready for him.

There is no substance in what the UPND are trying to bring up but only aimed at misleading the Zambians.

They are busy talking about debts but President Lungu simply turned around and showed them the purpose of the debts,where the money went, the schools, the Clinics, flyover bridges, modern Airports and roads and Communication Towers all across the country changing the entire face of the Country.

Zambia is a favoured nation. No weapon formed against this nation shall prosper. God has a plan for Zambian’s Prosperity. In God’s records what ever we have planned for this country has already been achieved.

God bless Zambia.