Hakainde Hichilema is no doubt the invisible hand at the center of the NDC Vice President’s fight against his Party President Chishimba Kambwili.

We have watched this game from HH’s playbook time without number. He is cowardly fueling the organized confusion that has led to Kambwili’s premature expulsion from the party by Vice President Akafumba.

In the eyes the public and the media, the NDC confusion is seen as a pure NDC in-house fight and it has nothing to do with the UPND. This is precisely how HH likes to strike. He is a coward who loves to keep his hands clean, but to know his level of involvement just browse through Watchdog, Koswe and CIC Press Team which are his personal propaganda Facebook pages. Check for his subtle attacks on his friends, in the last few days these pages have painted a negative picture about Kambwili and everyone knows who these pages report to.

This is exactly the same fashion in which HH has treated many friends and partners in the past. He hides in the shadows pulling the strings to fight his “friends” who he suspects can’t be trusted any longer all because of his own paranoia. He played this very game on Steven Nyirenda, on Sakwiba Sikota, Dr. Canisius Banda, Richard Kapita, GBM, Sean Tembo and countless others. And whilst all this is going on, HH frustrates his ‘friends’ by ignoring their calls, as he continues unleashing his vicious faceless propaganda army to finish them off.

HH keeps grudges, he hardly forgives, even his wife has been a victim. According to UPND sources, HH has also instructed one of Kambwili’s Lawyers Keith Mweemba to withdraw his legal services. HH won’t rest until he fixes Kambwili.

But these are not the time tested traits of a democratic leader who should run a nation like Zambia. Hichilema should stop being a coward and step out of the shadows.

NDC’s only Member of Parliament Hon. Chishala has been promised adoption on the UPND ticket to recontest his seat and a Ministerial positions once UPND forms Government. Kambwili has literally been undressed by HH. In the coming days, Kambwili will be feel the weight of HH’s propaganda machinery and background machinations.

Syacheye Madyenkuku