CHIEF ISHIMA Sankeni the sixth of Zambezi District has described the performance of elected UPND MPs and Councilors in North Western Province as pathetic.

The traditional leader said that the UPND Councilors and Members of Parliament have failed to foster any meaningful development in the Province despite having been given a five-year mandate to represent the people.

Speaking to ZNBC News in a telephone interview, the Chief said that he will de-campaign any sitting UPND MP and Councilor that has failed to deliver in their Constituency or ward, adding that the elected leaders have abandoned their constituencies after being elected and forgotten their promises to the electorates.

The traditional leader said that the current crop of UPND Members of Parliament are a group of failures that have failed to foster development in the province and do not deserve another opportunity to serve the people.

Chief Ishima has further appealed to traditional leaders across the province not to be used by selfish politicians as campaign tools during the 2021 general elections.

Chief Ishima said that the people of North Western Province will not be cheated by leaders without any vision as they too want development in the province.