The Zambia Police Service said it is ready to meet head on the UPND lawbreakers from parts different parts of the country intending to escort UPND leader who has been summoned for interviews.

Police in Lusaka have summoned Mr Hichilema for questioning over the complaint made by EEP leader Chilufya Tayali.

Police Spokesperson  Esther Katongo said those who are prepared to break the laws of this country must be ready to meet law enforcers.

But UPND Copperbelt Province Chairperson Elisha Matambo said the party in all the 10 provinces in the country will send officials and youths to Lusaka next week to accompany party president Hakainde Hichilema on the day he will be appearing before the police.

“The Force Headquarters is not a party secretariat for anyone. Those who want to challenge us from there are welcome and they must be prepared for the consequences of breaking the law,” said Ms Katongo.

Ms Katongo said when the lawbreakers will be met with the equal force as allowed in the law, they must not cry out that the police are being unfair.

“These political leaders have their children but these children are left in their homes whilst these idle youths are advanced to die a little for these politicians. Our advice as Police is that don’t break the law if you claim to have respect for the rule of law,” she said.

Ms Katongo said the COVID-19 Health Guidelines and the Public Order Act will be enforced fairly and firmly by the police at any time. She warned those intending to violate them will dance to the tune of the law.

Mr Hichilema was scheduled to attend interviews at Force Headquarters on