The Patriotic Front are bragging that they won’t lose August elections and we agree with them to some degree because the development is visible. The massive infrastructure development delivered by the PF government is what could make people vote for it again.

We have a chance to unseat PF but we need to sharpen our game. When our President is talking about selling the Presidential Jet their President is talking about commissioning developmental projects.

People are now wiser when it comes to making Electoral decision and we need to make promises that will outweigh the PF Infrastructure development.

The million dollar question is – have we done enough to make people vote for us? Referring the same question to the PF seems easier for them to answer even without words because they can’t just point at what they have done.

We have tried by all means to downplay the importance of infrastructure development by coming up with phrases like “we can’t eat roads” and it has worked for us as many people have fallen for it but equally people can’t eat promises because that’s all we are offering now and worse the promises are of selling the Jet.