….as the provisional voters register shows more numbers in the ruling party strongholds.

March 16, 2021

THE PEOPLE of Southern Province are so fade up with the opposition UPND and its leadership that they opted to boycott the just ended voter registration exercise in favour of the ruling party says Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director Mr Antonio Mourinho Mwanza.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium Radio’s Tuesday Edition of ‘The Interview’ Radio Program, Mr. Mwanza observed that instead of wasting their energy on opposition politics, majority of eligible voters in Southern Province spent their precious time accessing ongoing government support programs.

And Mr. Mwanza noted that instead of going for voter registration, what the people of Southern Province were doing is that they were busy collecting Fertilizer, Seeds, Birds and Animals provided by government under the farmer support initiative.

“The registered numbers of UPND in Western Province have gone down. The registered numbers in terms of voters in North Western have gone down. In Southern Province, it is the worst! And you know why the people in Southern Province refused to go and register, it was very simple; No. 1. They said badala, we are tired of voting for a perpetual loser – we are tired of wasting our votes so they boycotted and didn’t go to register,” said Mr. Mwanza.

“Now Southern Province gave UPND the highest number of votes in 2016; 527,000 votes for Mr. Hakainde Hichilema! Those votes have gone because people did not go to register, why, they are tired of voting for an individual and a party that has no capacity to win. No. 2. People in Southern Province have realized the developmental projects that have been undertaken the last 10 years. They have seen the Schools, the Hospitals, the Roads, the Electricity, the Deep Tanks and government support in terms of farmer input were they are being given Animals, Birds, Fish and Agriculture in Southern Province under Patriotic Front has boomed.”

He said reason No. 3 as to why the people of Southern Province refused to register as voters in their numbers is that UPND has outdated members of Parliament who are tired and have failed to offer leadership.

“So they have resolved to stop voting for these same members of Parliament who have failed to change their lives. They are saying ba Jack Mwiimbu, you have been in Parliament for 20 years yet in Monze there is nothing to talk about. They say moneni umunenu Given Lubinda who has been in Parliament the same number of years – look at how beautiful Kabwata constituency is. All member of Parliament receive 1.6 million CDF, they have equalization fund and other resources! What has UPND MPs done with all that money in Southern Province, nothing. How can they manage an entire country when they have failed a Province?”

The PF Deputy Media Director said Western Province can no longer be described as an opposition stronghold going by the outcome of the 25 by-elections held in the last 36 months with UPND losing 19 of them. He emphasized that come 12 August, 2021 general elections, Eastern Province will cancel Southern Province while the ruling PF will secure victory in Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces.

“As we are speaking right now, Western Province has 19 constituencies; we have 108 people that have applied to contest and compete against 19 seats. You can see how competitive, attractive and popular PF is,” said Mr. Mwanza.