PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri

PATRIOTIC Front Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has said the Party will follow up complaints that the Commission has allocated disproportionately allocated registration kits to disadvantage voters in other provinces.

Last week, Zibani Zambia revealed that Southern Province was allocated 308 voter registration kits against the 202 allocated to Lusaka Province. These figures have since been confirmed by Civil Society Organisations led by the Young African Leaders Initiative.

During the Hot Seat programme on Hot FM on Thursday, Ms. Phiri said it was unacceptable and an act of manipulation to allocate less kits to Lusaka whose voting population is higher than Southern Province.

Ms. Phiri agreed with CSOs that something is not right with the manner the ECZ is proceeding with the registration of voters.

“While the Commission has conducted free and fair elections in the past, we are concerned with the ongoing voter registration which has deliberately made schemed to make it difficult for voters in places like Lusaka, Eastern and Copperbelt Provinces to register as voters,” she said.

Zibani Zambia is currently keeping an eye on the number of people registering per province and how long it is taking for voters to register in all provinces.

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