… Aspiring Candidates warned

The Patriotic Front has with immediate effect banned its members and aspiring candidates from disbursing cash at public gatherings as a means of mobilising the electorates.

PF National Mobilisation Chairman RICHARD MUSUKWA says all forms of public display of cash during meetings is against the ideological foundations of PF as a pro poor party.

Mr MUSUKWA who is also Mines Minister says all forms of support to churches, marketeers and other interest groups should be in the form of projects and welfare programmes.

He says all PF members should take a lead in advancing practices that promote a free and fair political environment ahead of the August 2021 General Election.

Mr MUSUKWA has disclosed that President EDGAR LUNGU is disturbed by the recent public display and dispensing of volumes of cash by some PF members during Mobilisation engagements.

He has told ZNBC news in a telephone interview that all PF members are bound by the directive adding that erring individuals will face consequence of their actions.

Mr MUSUKWA explained that the PF won the 2011 and 2016 general elections without resorting to public cash disbursements.

He said public cash disbursement only fuel unwarranted allegations of corruption regardless of one’s source of money.