Msanzala PF Member of Parliament Peter Daka says the PF government deserves re-election because they have delivered development everywhere.

Daka said there is no part of Zambia that has not been touched by any form of development.

He said the PF under has constructed roads, built clinics and hospitals and installed communications towers across the country.

Daka was speaking in Msanzala on Tuesday when he commissioned a Zamtel network tower at Misolo Primary School.

“President Lungu promised when he came here that he will bring development without leaving anyone behind and this is what is happening today. We are here launching this tower as testimony of that promise by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa,” Daka said.

At the same event, Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta announced that 790 new towers have so far been erected countrywide

Mupeta said Zamtel is confident it will complete the installation of the remaining towers as part of the 1009 towers by end of the year.

He said access to communication services in the rural areas is helping transform livelihoods.

Mupeta said farmers are now able to negotiate for better prices for their produce as they are now talk to different buyers using the mobile phone.

“I wish to inform you that the site we are launching today is part of the 1009 communication towers which Zamtel has been erecting in different parts of the Country mainly in rural areas as part of Phase II of the GRZ Communication Towers project. So far, this project has delivered over 790 new sites with Msanzala receiving 8 new towers, one of which we are commissioning today at Misolo,” Mupeta said

“As the GRZ Communication Towers project nears completion, we are confident that we will deliver the remaining few sites this year which is within the project schedule. Allow me to make a bold proclamation here by stating that once this project is fully completed, Zambia will have a near blanket coverage with regard to communication services,” he said

He added, “This means that almost all the corners of this beautiful Country will have access to communication services.”