Actor and Pastor Kangwa Chileshe aka “Jason Kabanana” has disagreed with his Party’s decision to instruct their Carders to shower Father Lupupa with insults.

“As a man of God, I understand what Father Lupupa is going through. I don’t want to talk about what he said because a lot has been said already, I have my thoughts on it but I have chosen to keep them to myself out of respect. Am just very disappointed that a man of God can be humiliated and disrespected the way he has been.” Said Pastor Chileshe.

“First of all, the majority of people Insulting the Priest are young enough to be his Children. What happened to respecting the Elderly in our Society? What is going on is unacceptable no two ways about it and it must stop. If the Priest is right or wrong let God Judge him not men” he added.

When asked why he was disagreeing with his Party the UPND over their stance to attack the Father because it’s his Party President Mr. HH who was first to attack Father Lupupa, Pastor Kangwa responded by saying “am not speaking as a Politician but as a Pastor. My statement is personal and should not be attributed to my Party. Am speaking as Pastor Kangwa Chileshe.”