As UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was painfully denying his relatives including his own brother, more surfaced on early this week to denounce his mean nature.

Hakainde Hachilema said in response to a recent expose from his brother, Wilfred, who claimed to have been sent to prison over two missing cows that he did not the people being paraded as his relatives.

“I do not know the people being paraded as my relatives, I have never seen them, UPND president,” he claimed.

However, more of his relatives surfaced on Sunday claiming that he has been mistreating them and called on Zambians not to vote for the opposition leader in the August 12, polls as he would plunge the country into deep divisions.

Hichilema however publicly disowned his relatives, saying he did not know them.

“They are parading people I do not even know, saying they are my relatives,” Hichilema said during the launch of the Zambia We Want and UPND Alliance merger in Lusaka.

However, speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Sunday, Hichilema’s nephew Moonga Hichilema, Hiyama Hichilema and Simon said they have decided to come out to advise Zambians not to elect Hichilema for the presidency because he is hard hearted and falls short of taking care of the interests of the country.

They complained that despite Hichilema being rich, the UPND leader has not been taking care of his own family members.

They wondered how Hichilema was going to unite the country and take care of the over 72 tribes when he has failed to unite and look after his own family.

“If he can’t take care and unite his own blood family like us, how then should he even think of seeking the presidency,” they said.