By Christopher Miti

Over 700 headmen in Petauke District have pledged to back President Edgar Lungu in the forthcoming election.

The headmen say they are happy with President Lungu’s move to incorporate them in various activities aimed at uplifting the lives of the people.

Headman Mulalo of senior Chief Kalindawalo’s area said President Lungu should count on the headmen’s support during the election.

He was speaking when the Eastern Province for Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Development Foundation met the headmen at Petauke Boarding School on Saturday.

And Foundation chairperson Emmanuel Jay Banda says Headmen are key stakeholders in the development of any society.

Banda gave a detailed background of his foundation which is aimed at reducing voter apathy as well as spearheading development in the region.

Meanwhile, Foundation coordinator Robi Phiri urged the headmen not to lose direction.

During the same meeting, the Foundation donated K25 000 to Petauke Boarding School for fish pond project.