Fearing mass defections from the party, Over 70 secretly adopted UPND aspiring candidates for various elective positions have surreptitiously already paid nomination fees. This is according to sources at the Electoral Commission Of Zambia- ECZ.

Contrary to information in the public domain, the UPND already concluded adoptions but are too scared to announce their successful candidates because of the deceitful manner in which the process was handled.

ECZ sources wondered why the party was not announcing this development despite the candidates having already been issued with adoption certificates.

“We have started receiving payments of nomination fees from the UPND adopted candidates and over 70 percent have paid so far. What is so king is that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the UPND is not announcing this have announcing. What are they hiding? We are the ECZ believe that this process must be transparent across all political parties worth their salt,” ECZ sources said.