Look at the names and tribes of most of our adopted ward candidates in Kabwe Central mwebantu:

1. Chrizoster Halwindi – MP.
2. Lukanga Ward – Belemu Sibanze.
3. Kalonga Ward – mudaala Haambo.
4. Nakoli – Matandiko Phiri
5. Mpima Ward- Munkonze Euclid.
6. Luansase ward – Mwanjeleka Collins.
7. Waya Ward – Chilema Nakambala
8. David Ramushu Ward- Muntemba Yvonne
9. Kaputula ward – Habeenzu McBrian
10. Hamiyanda Jupiter
11. Habeenzu McBrian
12. Mihova Kayombo
13. Miyoba Brighton

For God’s sake, Kabwe Central is a cosmopolitan city with 14 ward candidates and political slots. How on earth did we adopt 10 Tonga candidates out of 14 slots in a non Tonga city and region?

The worst is the fact that all these Candidates are from Mpima farms dominated by Southerners and we are ably informed they vigorously fought to be adopted on UPND tickets as Tongas.

Surely, our Bally must first fix this terrible political evil called tribalism in Kabwe Central among our party leaders. The best is for our leader to openly apologize to Zambians over this because the act is politically very shameful to everyone in UPND.