PATRIOTSย  for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo has says the intervention Electoral Commission of Zambia has begun to bear fruits.

In a statement issued today, the opposition leader took a swipe at individuals who are in the business of fault-finding without offering any solutions.

“We have noted with happiness that the Electoral Commission of Zambia has adopted some of our proposals to help quicken the voter registration process, and that these adjustments are so far bearing fruit,” said Tembo.

He said those measures include designating some registration Centreโ€™s to operate in shifts on a 24-hour basis as well as designating two queues at each registration centre, one for those who have done online pre-registration and another for those who have not, so that those who have undertaken online pre-registration are not unduly delayed.

“Given the importance of the electoral process in the governance of our nation, we all have a collective duty and responsibility to assist ECZ and make it a better institution that will discharge its mandate to the full satisfaction of the Zambian people,” said Mr. Tembo