Patriotic Front Moomba Area Aspiring Member of Parliament Francis Hamoonga has accused the current leadership in the constituency of blocking development projects to taint government’s image.

Francis Hamoonga says road infrastructure and water facilities in the area have not been attended to despite having elected leaders.

He appeals to the people in the constituency to vote for a PF candidate, saying they would have no problem in lobbying the President for development projects.

Meanwhile, Area Member of Parliament, Fred Chatila questioned why any right thinking MP would deprive his constituency of development.

He says MPs are elected on the basis of improving living conditions for their people, hence their commitment to the cause.

Chatila notes that his office has successfully drilled over 30 borehole in the current term, further disclosing that a road project funded by the German Government is scheduled to commence in April.

He further remarks that a well-meaning government would be able to deliver development to a constituency regardless of whether an MP supports the government or not.