Former Upnd member Royd Moonga warns attacks on Bembas and Easterners in southern Province tip of the iceberg, the worst is yet to come.

Mr. Royd Moonga has warned that mild attacks waged on Bembas and Easterners in southern province is only phase one and civil servants who are Non-Tongas are also at high risk of being attacked.

Moonga who recently ditched the UPND for the PF and recalls that during the time he was with the opposition party, there were already plans in motion to procure machetes and other offensive weapons to systematically decimate any Bembas and Easterners in the province as ahead of the polling day.

He adds that this will not only be done in Southern province but also in areas like Kafue, Chilanga’s Mwembeshi area towns like Luano and remote areas of western Province.

“HH hates Bembas and Easterners with a passion and it is the main reason why he failed to work with Canisius, GBM and CK. I can predict that even Mutale Nalumango, Mutati and KBF are in for a rude shock, it’s just a matter of time and it won’t be long from now,” Moonga said.

It’s hard to belong to Upnd, if you want to qualify to be a full time Member with a card, make sure you take up the cross of Tribalism and be ready to defend HH and Tongas at all costs.

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