LOCAL Government Service Commission Chairman Mr. Amos Musonda has reminded Local Government Directors to begin divorcing themselves off personal to holder vehicles noting that the signing of the new Local Government Service Regulations does not allow for such.

In his usual tour of councils to get first-hand information of operations of the Local Authority during a stop at Chingola Council, Mr. Musonda who addressed Directors of Chingola and Chililabombwe Council after Kitwe and Ndola and reminded the directors of the incoming Local Government and Service Regulation, which he notes addresses a revision in recruitment policy, grievance handling mechanism as well as the conditions of service.

Mr. Musonda further cautioned directors not to turn project vehicles into personal vehicles, he reminded the directors that the new service regulations which are meant to harmonize with mainstream government would further not allow personal to holder vehicles but rather have pool vehicles.

Mr. Musonda also reminded the Local Authority officers to stay clear off politics noting that the period was currently ripe for politics. He advised officers to stay clear off adoption processes in parties and concentrate on their roles in elections.

Meanwhile, the Local Government Chair was proud to note that the service commission had ensured qualified personnel are placed in the top offices to manage the Local Authority as demanded by the Decentralisation policy.

He further noted as observed by parliament that Local Government has managed to have qualified female directors in office and further has almost attained a 25 percent female representation of principle officers in Councils.

Mr. Musonda advised both councils to ensure they interpret and implement the employment code of conduct.

He also tasked managements to ensure they get up to date with employee salaries.

The Local Government Chair has then proceeded to solwezi. Both councils have praised his continued interaction with the employees and thanked him for his open door policy.