Mazabuka Central lawmaker, Garry Nkombo has publicly complained against the decision by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Patrick Matibini to decline the restoration of the Impeachment Motion on the Order Paper.

However two sources among UPND members of Parliament talked to told Radio Phoenix that Mr. Nkombo had no real plans to have the motion tabled but was doing it to please the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Addressing the press at the UPND secretariat yesterday, Mr. Nkombo wondered why the Speaker had been insisting that the Impeachment Motion couldn’t be tabled before the House because it was before the courts when numerous issues that were before the courts of law had been tabled for debate in parliament.

And Mr Nkombo challenged Clerk of the National Assembly, Cecilia Mbewe’s assertions that the Speaker acted in a discretionary manner by not placing the matter on the Order Paper as regrettable and unfounded.

In a letter dated 27 November 2020, Ms Mbewe argued that the Speaker couldn’t table the motion in Parliament as deliberating on the matter would result in two conflicting results on a matter that Mr Henry Mulenga and Robert Chabinga had taken to the courts of law.

However, one of the UPND lawmakers said she has reminded Mr Nkombo several time to renew the motion but he said he was not interested anymore with the motion.

“Gary said HH is the one who wanted this motion for his political ends and even if it came on the table no sane MP would think that such a motion would pass. He said it was just politics of the day” said the source.