Just seen a friend of mine from the UPND post that the NDC should tell the PF to change their name when they go into a pact with them to accommodate it and also demand 30% seats from PF strongholds.

Well, first and foremost, it is sad to see that even educated people are using so much misinformation over this issue. We never asked the UPND to change their name to accommodate us but rather it was them that told us to do so. We are NDC and we shall remain so. An Alliance name is different from a party name, so I don’t see how a so called educated person can miss that or just choose to mislead others.

Secondly, percentages are discussed based on strengths or weaknesses of what the negotiating parties bring to the table. You are free to negotiate for whatever percentage in any deal and the others are also free to do so. For your infor, the 30% was agreed upon, so that’s not even an issue. For over 20 years, you have never won in certain regions of this country and sadly those are the parts with the largest numbers of voters. So the working relationship recognised what both parties can bring to the table to change that.

BUT most importantly and the reason I decided to respond to someone today despite all the propaganda that the UPND is advancing. I DON’T need to remind you that NDC is a party on its own and we don’t need UPND or PF to stand in the 2021 elections. Why should you bring in PF in this? The failure of the alliance has nothing to do with PF but the selfishness of the UPND and their unwillingness to learn key issues from all their failed alliances.

Currently, Zambia has a 50+1 threshold for elections, and the reason we joined and supported the opposition alliance was so that we beat the ruling party without going for a re-run. So now that we have seen how selfish people are, we would rather go in an election alone. Whether we shall get 2 or 3 seats or even zero that’s O