… as 105 pensioners die without being paid their dues
Edith Nawakwi has pleaded with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to put an end to the continued deaths and destitution of scores of pensioners, who are victims of what she termed Zambia’s largest “Saturnia Pension scam”.
In one company associated with Saturnia, 105 out of 236 pensioners have died, while their claim is still making the rounds in courts. Nawakwi has challenged the UPND leader to deny having interest as pension fund manager, shareholder and actuary in Saturnia.
“How many people should die before action is taken to award these duped pensioners their just dues for which they worked?” she asked.
As a mother and fellow human being I feel deeply aggrieved for them, this is cruel, inhuman and a great betrayal because the money they contributed has been stolen from them by people claiming to be very rich?” she said.
It was sad and heartbreaking, she said, that 17 years after the irregular privatization of Anglo-America/KCM pensioners who were forced to join “Saturnia” scheme were still battling in courts of law, to get their just dues even when a judgment in their favour had been passed both in the High Court and in the Supreme Court, Nawakwi had said. “But today we are seeing Mr. Hichilema talking about paying KCM workers their packages in full and not instalments, we are seeing him talking about NAPSA, can HH first remove the log in his eye”, Nawakwi added
Nawakwi charged that the case of former BP Zambia workers is one of the biggest pension scandals ever recorded in Zambia and it is orchestrated by Hakainde Hichilema and his company, Saturnia. According to records, 105 of the 236 pension claimants at BP have died, leaving families in serious destitution after being defrauded of their pension.
Nawakwi a former finance minister in the MMD government, stated that it was a travesty of justice for Mr. Hichilema and his colleagues to defraud innocent former Anglo American security guards and loyal BP Zambia workers.
“They are calling me a political prostitute but they are fraudsters who believe that they should not declare interest even when they are required to do so,” Nawaki said, “He boasts of being rich through hard work when he is riding on the backs of innocent workers’ benefits,”
Nawakwi further charged that Mr. Hichilema and Saturnia had kept the case of the former BP Zambia employees in court for decades through false evidence despite the court order to appoint an Actuary to conclude the matter. It was being kept in court for the sole purpose of restraining debate on the matter. Nawakwi maintained that she would not be restrained from commenting on matters that are being dragged in court deliberately as a way to shut down those who want to comment.
Nawakwi vowed that she would continue talking about Mr. Hichilema’s role in questionable deals.