Dr. Chishimba Kambwili’s daughter Chanda Kambwili has responded to suspended NDC Copperbelt Chairman George Sichula’s allegations that her father is “seeking freedom for himself
and family,” hence the reason why he decided not to join the UPND Alliance.

Speaking to Radio Phoenix news, Chanda said whoever made the allegations doesn’t know her Father very well because he is the most courageous man she has ever known.

“Mr Father is the most courageous man I know, allegations that he is seeking freedom are petty and malicious. He is a man of principals and I understand in his reasons for not joining the UPND Alliance because he wants to defend his party from being swallowed. Am not a Politician but I can tell that his reasons make a lot of political sense. Those that have joined the UPND Alliance equally have their reasons. Am responding because someone is trying to paint a fake image of my Father as a coward man. That I won’t allow.” said Chanda Kambwili.

She further added that her father always double checks his moves before he takes them and she also expressed confidence that his next move will be a well thought out and calculated move. People should watch the space.