President Edgar Lungu says he will not relent in empowering youths in the country.

President Lungu was speaking in Sefula area of Mongu District when he inspected the 14 Million Kwacha fish pond project embarked by 12 youths.

The President pointed out that his government has put up numerous measures of empowering the youths in the country through the financial support such as the fish pond project.

And the Baroste Royal Establishment (BRE) representative induna Namuyamba Dominic Lisulo called on government to use the youths in charge of the fish pond project as an example to other youths in the country.

Induna Namuyamba noted that the fish pond project will empower the district through job creation and food security.

The Sefula Fish Pond project has been embarked by 12 youths in Mongu District.

And Sefula fish Pond Representative Mushokabnji Wamui called on youths to desist from blaming government for unemployment.