Over eighty headmen in in Choma central constituency have rejected claims by their member of parliament Cornelius MWEETWA suggesting that the traditional leaders still want him to continue after the forthcoming elections.

Speaking on behalf of the forty headmen,Robson Mudenda who is senior Headman Singani said there is no headman in Choma who still want the UPND spokesperson to continue as representative of the people of Choma.

Mudenda said UPND will be taught a big lesson than in 2016 where they lost two of the wards to an independent and Patriotic Front Councilors.

He said every headman in Choma was excited to learn that Mweetwa decided not to contest because he has lost popularity on the ground.

Mudenda said the Choma lawmaker has divided the constituency due to his failure to deliver despite serving for ten years.

The senior headman said the chiefdom will not allow UPND impose candidates like Cornelius Mweetwa who have not done anything for the people.

Commenting on the same ,senior headman Namuswa said people in Choma are being fooled with Mweetwa’s political gimmicks.

She stressed that the party officials will be shocked if they impose Mweetwa on them.

Senior Headman Namuswa said people have suffered due to poor leadership of the law maker and the PF government.

She said most of the promises made by the people who campaigned for Mweetwa in 2016 have not been fulfilled.

The traditional leader stressed that Cornelius Mweetwa abandoned the people of Namuswa when they were about to be evicted from the forestry.

She Charged that the head men are aware that only the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema came to their rescue through sending lawyers.

Headman Namuswa says the headmen are left with no option but to guide the people in replacing the outspoken law maker.

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