The prediction by Political Analyst Sishuwa Sishuwa that President Edgar Lungu will stay in office after August polls appear to be extremely correct but not because of the reasons he mentioned but because the numbers themselves say it all, says Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza.

Politics is a game of heart played by mind. It all depends on what people feel about the leaders. Public perception matters the most in deciding the fate of any political leader. As the general elections are closing in, political circles are abuzz with speculations about the outcome.

“While Mr Hichilema is sees himself as having already won the August 2021 election, despite biting the dust for five times in a row, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s popularity has steadily been raising over the last seven years he has kept a grip on the Presidency within and outside his party,” said Mwanza

He said the UNZA don may need to remember when President Lungu stood first became President in 2015, people did not know him very well back then. He was still adopted as the PF candidate, with great majority by the Patriotic Front. President Lungu’s popularity has been only growing. The phenomenal infrastructure work he has done in the country and the transformation he brought about speaks for itself. It does not need any publicity.

“If we look at the growth trajectory of President Lungu’s popularity, the picture gets crystal clear. There is a definite and consistent upward trend in the popularity of President Lungu. Today he is a household name in Zambia. He is so popular that every child knows him. The popularity will have an impact on the voters when they go to polling booths in August,” he said.

The voting trend in the country since 2015 shows a clear inclination towards Edgar Lungu. Despite being relatively unknown and being adopted by party as Presidential candidate, he managed to win by 20,000 votes and shortly thereafter, when people got to know the man who was adopted as President in 2015, by the ruling party, he won by 100,000 votes in 2016.

“In 2021, given the increase in the number of votes and his popularity, he is bound to increase his margin win to around 400,0000 votes. Going by the voting trend so far, August elections would be a easy walk for Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” said Mwanza