Unadopted UPND Monze Central aspiring Member of Parliament, Mutinta Mazoka says she will campaign for President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

Mutinta who is also daughter of the late UPND founding President, Anderson Mazoka, said in an interview after the announcement of Jack Mwiimbu’s adoption as Monze Central candidate, that she has decided to support President Lungu and the PF because they have demonstrated capability to take Zambia to another level.

She said the UPND under the leadership of Hakainde has no vision for the country as evidenced by the kind of politics and recently released manifesto which does not spell out any clear direction as to where they want to take the country.

” I am not bitter than I have been adopted. I expected that from the UPND. There are some members who have taken their parliamentary seats as personal to holder just like their leader takes his position. Going forward, I have resolved to rally behind President Lungu and PF. So far, he has proved capable and knows where he is taking the country. The UPND under Mr. Hichilema has no clear vision and their manifesto says it all,” said Mutinta.

And Mutinta says confrontational kind of politics laced with bitterness being practised by the UPND is not what her late father, Mazoka envisioned.

” If my father were alive, he would have entertained this politics of bitterness and confrontation which the party is practicing. It’s not what he envisioned,” she said.