Mutinta, wife of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has revealed that her husband’s stingy behaviour is part of the conditions prescribed to him by his spiritual father, Andrew Ejimadu, the infamous Seer 1 for him to become president.

Mutinta confided in this reporter that the three children they couple cannot enjoy their father who is wealthy and that if they did, that would spell doom for Hichilema in the August polls.

Mutinta complained that it breaks her heart to see her own children lack when their father is in a position to supply all their needs adding that the only good thing for them is the roof under which they live, Hichilema’s New Kasama Mansion.

” It’s not that he is inherently stingy, no! My husband was told by Seer 1 not to be generous if he is win these coming elections. By the way, he is not only doing that to his brothers and sisters. Even his own biological children and myself are affected. Look at the way our children dress, one would not even think they are Mr. Hichilema’s children, a wealth politican. The only good thing they enjoy is the beautiful house they live. Other than that, there is nothing to write home about,” complained Mutinta.

Recently some of Hichilema’s relatives joined the ruling PF citing negligence and stingy behaviour by their ‘wealthy’ relative.