The newly appointed vice president of the UPND has expressed shock and displeasure after hearing that Mr Hakainde Hichilima planned on replacing her.

This comes after Mr Harry Kalaba and Mr Fube both declined Mr Hichilimas offer to stand on upnd ticket as Mr Hichilima’s running mates.

The first to be approached with the offer was Mr Harry Kalaba, after declining Mr Hichilima opted to go for Mr Fube, unfortunately after hearing the UPNDs failed petition, Mr Fube also declined the offer.

Last month Mrs Nalumamgo had threatened to leave her seat if Mr Hichilima did not come out clear on whether she was only a vice president of the UPND or she was also going to be the running mate citing the UPNDs constitution that allows for two vice presidents of the UPND party running concurrently.