I have heard the arguments by some people that Mubita Nawa should not have been arrested because he is not the one who insulted the Republican President, well, I find this argument very lame and ignorant because the law says “publishing insulting materials is a crime” now the question is – on whose Facebook page where the insults directed at the President published? Your answer settles this argument.

Mubita Nawa knew that he had published insulting language material in form of a Facebook live video on his Facebook page but didn’t even bother deleting the video from his page – actions speak louder than words and in my view Mubita Nawa was not remorseful for the insults published on his page. Even as you read this, the videos are still on his page.

The law is the law and its blind to social statuses. Had it been a poor lesser known guy from Chibolyo compound no one would have cried for him if he got arrested for the same stupidity Nawa did. The fact that Mubita Nawa is now novice Politician does not put him above the law.

Isaac Maketo
(Law Student)