Chief Mukuni of the Ila people of Southey Province has backed UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to go ahead and fight for the Presidency alone without worrying about those leaving him.

The Chief is confident that HH doesn’t need anyone’s support to win th elections because he has done 99% of the work needed to win himself the elections.

“I believe that the UPND and President HH have what it takes to win the elections come August. I don’t think HH needs anyone’s support to win. He has done almost everything to enable him win with a landslide. 99% work has been done. They should believe in themselves as a Party. They can do it” said Chief Mukuni.

On the NDC leaving the alliance the Chief said it was good riddance because bad people leave with being chased. He further added that Mr.Kwambili ran to the UPND after being expelled from the ruling party to find solace and that he must be thankful to the UPND for giving him an MP because without them he would have been history today and his party would be stagnant.

Chief Mukuni also took time to advise HH and the UPND to stay calm and continue working hard ahead of the elections because they have come a long way and can’t afford to mess up now.


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