Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) has anticipated more defections from the United Party for National Development (UPND) ahead of the August 12 polls.

YALI president Andrew Ntewewe said in an interview yesterday that leaving UPND because of its dictatorial style of leadership and tribalism.

This comes following the defection of the former UPND member Charles Kakoma who served as the party spokesperson for 14 years.

And Ntewewe said the resignation of Kakoma opens more wounds to Zambians.

“The resignation of their former spokesperson opens another wound in the eyes of the Zambian people. It opens another wound in a sense that this political party which is supposed to be an alternative to government is unable to offer credible checks and balances because of lack of its clear principles and values,” he said.

“Everyone who has left UPND has talked this issue of lack of intraparty democracy. Where everything revolves around one person. And that is HH. Where anything in this party can only go if it goes through the Alpha and Omega of the party who is HH. To us, that leaves too much to be desired. Talk about GBM, talk about Kakoma, you talk about Saboi Imboela, you talk about so many other who have left. All of them have one significant story; one, UPND is a tribal political party, it promotes regionalism, number two, UPND is a dictatorial political party, its decisions revolve around one individual.”

Ntewewe also stated that there have been more divisions in the opposition party from the time it held its general Assembly which we slammed for not meeting the benchmarks of a democratic election.

He noted that the opposition party is structured in a way that everything revolves around the party’s “life president,” Hakainde Hichilema.

The Initiative’s president said “We are very certain as the Young African Leadership Initiative that the resignation of Kakoma is not the last one. We are going to see so many more resigning from the UPND so that HH will remain alone. Because ultimately, in modern-day leadership, you cannot revolve all the powers around one individual.”

“If you look at how UPND has been structured, its campaign messages and everything else revolves around one man. Now that is not how you do modern-day politics. That is not what servanthood leadership is about. Servanthood leadership is about getting the collective wisdom of a collective group of individuals, of a collective group of citizens, who are able to provide effective leadership. Unfortunately, what UPND offers is only one person. What UPND offers is only Bally and that, unfortunately, is not servanthood leadership.”